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Daily Reading 無意識とMixed Reality

Daily Reading 無意識とMixed Reality

MIT Technology Review


Microsoft Mixed Reality Blog

Introduction to OpenXR Explorer
If you’re a Unity or Unreal developer that’s building an experience atop OpenXR, or a lower level developer that might be interacting with OpenXR directly, then OpenXR Explorer is a tool that may be of interest to you! There are numerous OpenXR runtimes out there, and OpenXR Explorer can help you fi…
Microsoft Mesh App August 2021 Update - New Features
Earlier this year we announced Microsoft Mesh and enabled Microsoft Mesh App for HoloLens (Preview) to showcase how users can connect, share, and collaborate immersively even when not physically present. We have been adding new features to this app since launch, and today we are excited to announce …


Silvia Esparrachiari氏は、小さな変更がシステムにどのように影響するかについてのストーリーを共有し、変更がシステムにどのように影響するかをよりよく理解するために、システムの広い視野を持つことの重要性について説明している。

SQL Anti-Pattern

7章 マルチカラムアトリビュート(複数列属性)